ECOPAL designs and manufactures made to measure industrial packaging for your projects, in plastic, fabric, metal, wood, and/or cardboard
  • 2013: 1st client referencing with a panel of manufacturers


  • 2011: Change of management

Retirement of the founding director Mr François GIRAULT. ECOPAL is taken over by a group of investors associated with a manager, Mr Rodolphe MALLET.

  • 2003: Metal workshop and spray painting booth

Construction of a locksmith’s shop and a spray painting booth to increase production capacity.

  • 1998: ISO 9001 Certification


  • From 1988:

- Diversification of materials (introduction of plastic, metal and fabric) and 1st multi-materials assemblies to provide solutions for client needs.

- Enlargement of buildings and investment in a production tool, in order to:

> adapt to the materials to be worked

> increase storage capacity (reaching 4000m² of covered surface area).


  • 1983: ECOPAL moves to ZA des Giraumeries, at the current site in St Berthevin.



In April, the birth of SAS ECOPAL, at Genest St Isle.

The company ECOPAL is based at the Le Mans-Rennes axis. From 1980, ECOPAL became a major leader in the field of industrial packaging, working with major European clients.